Why Tinder Lowers Photo Quality

Why Does Tinder Lower Photo Quality?

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How many times have you been cruising the Tinder app, enjoying some cute match-ups, then suddenly you come across a photo that looks like crap? Yikes! The photo may be fine, but Tinder lowered the photo quality as a result of their newest update.

Tinder lowers photo quality as a tactic that helps you focus on personality and interests. This is something that really matters when it comes to dating. But providing premium quality, attractive photos is one way to make your profile stand out from a crowded field.

The Tinder profile picture is a user’s first impression on other users. Bad profile pictures can lead to a bad experience on the app. If a picture is blurry or of poor quality, other users may be less likely to swipe right and start chatting with them.

I’m all about improving your online dating experience and how to find love on Tinder in the digital age. So watch this video to see what you can do about these grainy photos.

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