Why Does Tinder Only Work on WIFI

Why Does Tinder Only Work on WIFI? (Fixed)

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Tinder is a mobile app that uses both WIFI and Bluetooth to find matches. WiFi is not just a network protocol but also a technology that allows us to connect our devices wirelessly.

Tinder has been designed to work best on WiFi. This is because WiFi is much faster than Bluetooth. WiFi is also less susceptible to interference. Finally, Bluetooth cannot transmit over long distances.

Another reason for the use of WiFi over Bluetooth is that fact that WiFi is able to penetrate solid objects like walls and floors. Meanwhile, Bluetooth will fail to work if you are out of range or there are obstructions.

To give yourself the best chance of using Bluetooth over WiFi, first make sure your device has Bluetooth enabled. To turn on Bluetooth, go to your phone’s settings menu and select Bluetooth. Then disconnect from any WiFi signals or disable WiFi completely.