Why Tinder Shows Me People Far Away (Solved!)

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Maybe you have noticed while using the Tinder app that it shows people far away. It it may make you wonder if there are no matches closer by. Or maybe there is a glitch where the app does not know your location.

This article will explain the main reasons why Tinder shows you people far away. I will also tell you what you can do about it and maybe even use it to your advantage.

Tinder shows you people far away because the app is using old location data. Meaning you or your match are not providing your current location to the app. Check your phone settings to make sure you are allowing Tinder to see your location while using the app.

Your location is one thing that many apps tend to collect. This usually happens the first time you install a new one. A little box pops up and ask you to use your location either all the time, only when using the app, or never.

The companies that create apps love to collect all sorts of information about the people that use them. Many times this is used for the purpose of marketing products and services to them based on the information they know. This is why sometimes when you search for a product you will then see advertisements for that same product on websites and social media.

When it comes to your location information it is no exception. The advertisements can now be suited towards businesses in your area. But to be fair, there are also other legitimate reasons why apps may need information such as your location. In the case of Tinder, it certainly helps with the functionality of the app. This allows you to meet with people in your area as opposed to finding someone only to realize that meeting would be impractical.


In conclusion, Tinder cannot know peoples location unless this information is voluntarily shared with them. Without this information they may have to rely on old data that can be inaccurate. This information could be the location you use when you set up your account or when you last used the app. If you were traveling last time Tinder knew your location, they might still think that’s where you are.

The best recommendation is to first make sure your Tinder app is up to date. Then check your profile and settings to make sure there’s nothing you can do on your end. If it turns out there’s nothing else you can do, then be aware to check the location of your match before you pursue them any further.