Why Tinder Shows Me Guys (Quick Fix)

Why Tinder Shows Me Guys (Quick Fix)

It’s not uncommon to scroll through your list of potential matches on Tinder and find something surprising. For me, it was the profile of a guy when my preferences clearly state that I am not interested. So, what gives? Why does Tinder show me the wrong gender?

Tinder sometimes shows the profile of the wrong gender because it depends solely on user input. It is up to each user to select not only their own gender, but the gender of those they are attracted to. This is something that can easily be confused especially more recently with the inclusion of more options to choose from.

When I first noticed Tinder showing me guys – when that is not something I’m not interested in, I first thought it was a problem with my profile. A quick check of my settings showed that everything was marked correctly including my gender and the kind of profiles I would like to see.

It’s also highly unlikely this is a glitch with Tinder. This is not a very complicated process and there is no human error because it is all done by computers.
What were left with is the realization that other users are free to select whatever options in their profile that suits them. This can be based on their true intentions, could be a mistake, or just them trying to have some fun with the app. For example, anyone can choose female as their gender and cause their profile to show up in my list of potential matches.


In conclusion, there is no problem with your settings. There is no need to submit a support ticket to Tinder customer service. What preferences other people put on their profiles is their business.

The best advice in this situation when you see a profile that does not interest you is to keep scrolling. And if you run out of potential matches, I suggest trying something new like another dating app. Don’t limit yourself to the current cast of characters on Tinder. Open yourself up to potential matches waiting for you on a different platform.