Why Tinder Says Failed to Match

Fix Tinder Failed to Match Error

It’s easy to get excited when you join an app promising to help you meet people. Well, what happens when it just doesn’t seem to work? Sometimes Tinder will tell you that you failed to match.

Here’s what that means and options for what you can do about it.

Tinder would give you a message that says fail to match when there are no more profiles left to view. This means you have already swiped past profiles or no more profiles meet your requirements. You can revisit profiles you’ve already viewed or loosen some of your filters.

Adjusting Your Filters

Sometimes this problem happens to new users as they first begin setting up their preferences. They put restrictions such as non-smoking, age, location, and other requirements. The issue arises when there are too many filters. And the number of profiles that meet them finally drops to zero.

The best thing to do in this situation could be to loosen some of these restrictions as long as they are not deal-breakers for you. No one is saying you should completely lower your personal standards. But I understand if that what it sounds like.

Another time this becomes an issue is when you have used the app for a long time. At this point you have surely viewed a lot of profiles and there’s simply may not be any more left that are meeting your criteria.

Finding Alternatives

Luckily, there is another solution that can help you find more matches. Unfortunately, that’s not through the Tinder app. But rather I highly recommend if you are not getting any matches through Tinder to try another dating app.

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It is a more established program, and they tend to have more suitable profiles. The spokesperson used to make me think it was just for the older crowd.

But they’ve since expanded to be a nice option for just about anyone.

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In conclusion, when Tinder says failed to match it doesn’t have to mean that you are out of luck. In most cases, a lack of potential matches is a result of too many filters or strict preferences.

These can easily be adjusted in your settings to allow Tinder to suggest more options.

Finally, it could be the case if you have been using Tinder for a while. There may simply be no more suitable profiles remaining. In this case, move onto another app where you will find a fresh pool of candidates. Your next match may be just a few clicks away.