Why Tinder Exists & What its Original Purpose Was

This article is about the origins of Tinder including how it was started. Some people are even curious as to why it was even created in the first place. And others like me simply want to know if it still serves its original purpose.

Tinder was created following the success of other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. At first it was focused mainly on hookups and casual encounters. But today it has opened its reach to serve. Now it works for anybody trying to make new connections with others including platonic friendships.

There is a lot of interest in how the companies and platforms we see around us got their start. Like Tinder, another platform that people have shown interest in its beginnings is Facebook. There is even a movie about how it was founded and developed.

The story of Tinder is unlikely to inspire a Hollywood movie. It began as a competitor to the other typical dating platforms. Instead of focusing on serious dating however, Tinder was more geared towards casual hookups.

Overtime it became apparent that there was no need for the application to limit itself. While it maintains a reputation as a casual dating site, it can be used for anyone to meet others. And when they do so, it is up to them to define the relationship.


In conclusion, overtime Tinder has grown up in some ways. It has started to take relationships more seriously. Nowadays people can even find long term relationships on Tinder. However, it can still be used for whatever kind of relationship a person intends on finding.

I suggest that given away Tinder and other dating sites have developed, to consider changing your perspective of them. You could use a site such as Tinder to find strictly platonic friends even of the same gender.

That being said, if I were in that scenario I may not be able to shake the reputation Tinder has as a hookup site. Instead I would try another mainstream app such as eHarmony. This is simply a personal preference because they creep me out less than other options. Figure out what you are comfortable with and give it a try. Thanks for reading.