Why Tinder Costs Money

Why Tinder Costs Money (How Tinder Makes Money from Your Matches)

Not too long ago, a friend of mine half jokingly ask me why I would pay for an app in order to meet people. He suggested other ways such as a bar but I quickly pointed out how a bar tab can add up. But the conversation still had me wondering why apps such as Tinder cost money.

Tinder costs money because it was created to make money by a for-profit company. They spend time and money to create and provide the service. If the app was free, the company would lose money. This would make people less inclined to create apps in the first place.

Keep in mind that Tinder was not created as a public service. It is not run by a nonprofit or a government agency. The company running this app expects to make money and their employees expect to earn a living.

There are a lot of cases where some apps and online services appear to be free. And in fact, the person using the app does not directly pay anything. A good example would be social media apps. Users would not have to pay anything in order to use the programs. Instead, these apps make their money through advertisements.

Tinder is highly motivated to help you find matches. Success for you means success and potentially more money for them. Many apps rely on not only advertising but also word-of-mouth. When you find a dating site that works, you are more likely to recommend it to others. There are also upgrades and special features you may be more inclined to purchase when you see the app works for you.


Apps such as Tinder cost money because that is the kind of world that we live in. People create services in order to make money and it can be difficult to do much of anything completely for free.

One thing that you can do is find similar dating apps with a lower cost. Many times you can find promotions where you get a discount for signing up. Once the initial benefits are gone, you can always move on to the next app.