Why Tinder Changes Distance

Why Tinder Changes Your Distance (Fix How Far You See Matches)

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The more I use Tinder, I notice the distance between my matches changes. I’ve checked my preferences but somehow, I see profiles of people further away than I expected. And then it dawned on me the two simple factors were the cause.

Tinder updates your location as you use the app. This changes the distance between you and other profiles in the area. Also, Tinder may show you matches further away if there are limited options closer.

Unfortunately, I do not travel as much as I would like. But even on short trips to the beach I noticed that a lot would change in the Tinder app.

It turns out this is the nature of a mobile phone app. Your preferences can be set to update your location either as you use the app or never. Never sharing your location with Tinder is not particularly helpful to you. But having your location update as you use the app might mean changes can occur in the background when you are not expecting it.

The second factor at play is that Tinder wants you to find matches almost as much as you do. They may not be able to offer you profiles of potential matches in your immediate area. So, Tinder may change the distance between you and potential matches to give you more options.

This can be beneficial as it gives you the option to travel a little bit further in exchange for a match. But I understand why some people are frustrated when they see a potential match just to realize they are not a convenient distance away.

One way to find more matches instead of opening your search up to farther distances is to use another service. With a limited amount suitable profiles, there is no reason to limit yourself just to Tinder. Branching out to other dating apps such as eHarmony is another option.


The distance between you and your matches will change for one of two reasons. The physical location of either you or your match may change. Or Tinder may open your search up to a wider distance to allow for more potential matches.

You can limit this from becoming an aggravation by changing your preferences in the Tinder app. Simply choose the option to never use your location. And you can also keep a close eye on the location of your matches before you get your hopes up in case they are too far away.