Why Tinder Changes my Pictures (Surprising Affect on Your Chances)

Want women to cling to your every last text message?

Curious how women text in a way making them irresistible?

It’s a good idea to check your profile on Tinder and other dating sites. This way you get a good picture of what your potential matches see about you. But you might be surprised to find that Tinder will automatically change your pictures. Why they do this may be a surprise.

Tinder may change your pictures on their app without you knowing. They do this to help increase your chances of successfully finding a match. Since your picture is the most important factor in getting a match, it helps to test different pictures as your profile to see which one works best.

You or someone you know may have a hard time remembering their phone number because they do not call themselves. The same may be true for your online profiles. Chances are you look at hundreds of others but rarely if ever pay attention to your own.

Tinder may automatically help you out to keep your profile fresh. If they automatically change your pictures on their app it may benefit you. They may rotate your profile pictures until they find one that produces the best results.

I recommend that you take some time to put your photography skills to test and create more appealing profile pictures of yourself. If your camera skills are not up to par, you can even invest in some software that can help touch them up and make them picture perfect.


Keeping your Tinder profile and pictures fresh is a great way to increase your chances of finding a match. Tinder helps by making certain changes and they may even change your picture. Help yourself even further by uploading more pictures and profile details to give them more options to choose from.

Go check out your profile now and see what minor tweaks you can make that can create a big difference.