Why Tinder Brings Up Old Matches

Why Tinder Brings Up Old Matches & If Your Matches See You Too

After using the Tinder app now for a couple months, I started noticing something surprising. Matches that I have already seen have started to reappear. At first, I thought it was a glitch. When it continued to happen, I thought maybe Tinder had run out of all potential new matches for me.

So what gives? At one point I was all but ready to give up on Tinder. But on second thought, seeing matches for a second time is not always such a bad thing.

Tinder purposefully shows you old matches for two reasons. First, they want to give the impression the app is more successful finding matches than it really is. But most importantly, revisiting old matches lets you give second chances and discover missed opportunities. Your matches won’t know you’re seeing their profile again. But separately your profile may reappear for them as well.

I was always under the impression old matches where in the past and would stay there. But often I would see faces and details I have seen before. It’s human nature to seek new things and find them more exciting. This is especially true in the realm of dating.

I ask you to keep in mind Tinder is in the business of making money. They do this by finding matches which creates happy customers. These success stories will in return draw more paying customers. So, if they need to reoffer you matches from the past to increase your success rate, that’s ok.

This practice also helps you because it is a win-win. Tinder makes their app more successful, and you achieve what you signed up for – a match.

That being said, if you’re a long-time user of the Tinder app you may find the pool of potential matches becomes stale. That is the time you may want to look into another dating site. This will accelerate your chances of finding a match.


Finally, Tinder brings up old matches in an attempt to increase your odds at success. These old matches won’t have any idea you may be reconsidering them. But your profile may be suggested to them again as well. The way I see it, anything that make the Tinder app work better is a welcome feature.