Why Tinder App Keeps Crashing

Why Tinder App Keeps Crashing (Freezing Problem FIXED)

When you use an app like Tinder you come to expect it to work as planned. But when it crashes unexpectedly without warning it can be one of the most frustrating things. This is especially the case when the Tinder app crashes and you don’t even know why.

The Tinder app crashes because there is a conflict between the current version of the app and that of your phone’s software. The way to fix it is often to make sure that your phone and the app are all updated to the latest version. Failing this, you may have to go back to an earlier version on one or both of these platforms.

If your Tinder app is crashing, you are not alone. This is a problem that all or most users are also facing a similar issue. It’s likely due to a software update that is now causing a conflict.

Tinder and other app makers routinely update the version of their software. They do this in order to add new features as well as fix bugs in previous versions. The goal is always to make the software better, but updates can have unintended consequences.

You may still be having problems after checking the versions of your phone’s operating system and the Tinder app. If so, the last thing I would check would be your phone storage. Sometimes when there is not enough space your applications will not work as expected. You can also try to reset settings back to their default. Just be mindful that you do not clear any important data.


You’re probably having a problem with the Tinder app crashing because there is a conflict with its version and your phone’s software. Try updating to the latest available or reverting back to the last version that was successful. You can also check with Tinder to see if they are aware of current issues.

Problems like this seem to happen all the time. And this is not something that affects just the Tinder app. Because of this, I recommend you invest in a backup solution, so you don’t lose anything important like your pictures or documents.