Why Does Tinder Vibrate

Why Does Tinder Vibrate (Manage Phone Notifications)

Apps can be used to help us out in many ways. They can keep track of our schedules, remind us about things we need to do, provide us with information or like in the case of Tinder, help us meet other people. However, sometimes these apps can get a little too intrusive.

Tinder has been known to cause your phone to vibrate without reason. This is especially true if the app has the notification feature enabled. But you might be wondering why Tinder vibrates your phone at all.

Tinder is designed to vibrate your phone because it is trying to tell you something. In most cases, it is trying to alert you to a new match or message. Other times, phantom vibrations only make you think your phone vibrated when it did not. This can be caused by a small tremor or muscle spasm.

In the case of phantom vibration, they are harmless but you may want to stop this from continuing. If you think it’s an app issue, then you should try turning off the vibration function. If you still experience issues, then you can carry your phone in a different pocket or place on your person.