Why Does Tinder Repeat Profiles

Why Tinder Repeats Profiles – (Same Profile Repeating)

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If you’ve using Tinder and notice that the same profile keeps repeating, you are not alone. In fact, this is a common problem that has been reported by many users.

Tinder repeats profiles because it is running out of fresh profiles that match your preferences. Sometimes getting a second look at someone can make all the difference. There are also some people that copy other people’s profile instead of creating unique content of their own.

Keep in mind that some profiles are very similar. This means that some people have limited information or number of photos. So they don’t tend to stand out from others. So, you see two different profiles but your brain thinks you saw the same one twice.

Also keep in mind sometimes Tinder gives fake notifications that make you think you have more messages and interested profiles than you actually do.

Another common issue you can find out about is when Tinder Brings up Old Messages.