Why Does Tinder Just Keep Searching?

Why Does Tinder Just Keep Searching? (Is it Working?)

Tinder is an app that matches you up with other users who have indicated they want to find someone similar to you.

Tinder just keeps on searching because it is having a hard time finding potential matches. It might not be working because there is a lack of compatibility between you and the other profiles. If you’re looking for friends or just someone to chat with, Tinder is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a long term relationship or marriage, Tinder probably won’t work.

Maybe you’re looking for someone who has interests in things other than what you’re looking for or who lives in another city. Maybe there aren’t enough users online and it takes too long to find matches – either way, it might not be working because it doesn’t meet your needs.

But if you’re finding yourself still searching after swiping left or right on hundreds of potential matches, it might be time to check your settings.