Tinder Likes Disappeared

Matches Disappeared on Tinder? (Recover Lost Likes)

It’s always super exciting to get a match on Tinder. Your mind races thinking about the perfect thing to say. Maybe you’ve had a short conversation with them already.

But then, tragically the match disappears. You look everywhere but can’t seem to find it. Then you wonder if maybe you did something wrong. Here’s what probably happened.

3 Reasons Tinder Likes Disappear

  • The other person intentionally unmatched with you
  • They unmatched by mistake
  • Their account was deleted or banned and no longer exists

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Rejection is hard. So the last thing you want is to find out is they unmatched with you on purpose. But it may be more complicated than them just not being into you. For one, it’s possible you took too long to respond and they moved on. People tend to have short attention spans these days.

Regardless of why they unmatched, give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

It’s always possible they unmatched with you on accident. Stranger things than this have happened. Maybe they are kicking themselves right now. Either way, it’s their loss.

People get banned and overall give up with online dating all the time. Also, if they were having issues with their app or phone, they might have deleted the app and/or their account to start over.

How to Avoid Losing Tinder Matches

Sometimes this is simply out of your control. Don’t put too much thought into it. Your time and mental energy is better spent elsewhere. In fact, keep looking forward to future matches and get your eyes off the rearview mirror.

Even if you still think they unmatched because of you, its probably for the best. You don’t want to waste your time on something that is not going to work out. Keep on being genuine about who you are and what you stand for. If you try to be someone you are not, you still won’t be happy even if your match sticks around.


Sometimes it’s hard to find more matches after losing the ones you had. Here is a video that might be able to help you moving forward. It explains the reasons why matches are hard to come by on Tinder. But more importantly it offers advice on what actions you can do about it.