Should I hide my age on Tinder

Should I Hide My Age On Tinder?

You may be wondering if it is a good idea to hide your age on Tinder. There are one of two reasons why you are wondering if you should do this. The first is that you think you will appear too young. Otherwise you may think being older would be a turnoff.

You should not hide your age on Tinder. Whether you are looking for love or lust online, showing your age shows that you are confident and comfortable with yourself. Also, the more potential matches know about you the more they will know if you are a good match or not.

Some people tend to believe older people are seen as being less desirable than younger people. This is especially true when it comes to dating. But on the contrary, being older will let people know that you are mature and can handle yourself.

Others may not want to date someone young because they think that they are too immature or inexperienced. But in reality, when people talk and get to know you they will soon realize you do not act like a child. They will accept your age as not representative of your mental age.

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