Do Soulmates Meet in Every Lifetime?

Do Soulmates Meet in Every Lifetime?

According to this belief, soulmates are two individuals who are connected across multiple lifetimes and who continue to find each other in different incarnations. However, it is not specified that soulmates must meet each other in every lifetime, the idea is that if they are supposed to meet, they will, but it is not a mandatory occurrence.

The belief in soulmates and parallel lives is a spiritual or metaphysical concept that is not supported by scientific evidence.

In this belief system, the idea is that soulmates are connected by a powerful bond that can help to facilitate spiritual growth, and that this connection can span multiple lifetimes. However, if soulmates do not meet in one lifetime, it is believed that they will have the opportunity to meet again in future lifetimes.


In conclusion, the idea of soulmates living parallel lives is not a universally accepted belief and is not supported by scientific evidence. It is an idea that is based on personal beliefs, interpretations and based on the specific culture and society one belongs to.