Are OkCupid likes Real or Fake?

Is OkCupid Legit? (What You Should Know First)

Online dating has really only taken off in popularity within the last decade. Before that, most people would never dream of trying to meet someone online. But now even with it being mainstream, it’s still important to know if the site you are using like OkCupid is legit.

OkCupid is a legitimate online dating site where you can find matches and hopefully find love. The matches it find for you are based on your personality, interests and location. While the site is legit, it is still worth being vigilant as with all online dating, some users can be scammers.

Okcupid has been around for about thirteen years now, which makes it one of the oldest dating sites available online. Okcupid has been able to stay relevant in the online dating industry by constantly updating their website with new features and functions.