Are OkCupid likes Real or Fake?

OkCupid Bots (Are These Fake Likes?)

Most dating sites have bots that try to mimic real profiles. Sometimes they are bots from the platform used to lure more customers.

Other times they are real people hoping to draw in more victims to scam. In this article, I will explain why these bots exist and how to tell them apart.

Bots – A Common Online Dating Problem

Some platforms invest significant resources in combating bots and implementing measures to detect and remove them. However, bots can still be present, especially on platforms with less stringent security measures or those that attract a high volume of user activity.

It’s challenging to determine an exact percentage, as the prevalence of bots can change over time and across different social media platforms.

Why Platforms Use Fake Like Bots

Some platforms may use fake like bots to artificially inflate user engagement or activity. This can create an illusion of popularity and encourage real users to remain active on the platform.

However, reputable dating platforms typically aim to provide a genuine and authentic experience, avoiding the use of fake like bots.

Users Give Likes and Make Matches to Scam

Unfortunately, there are individuals who exploit dating platforms for fraudulent purposes. Scammers may give likes or make matches to gain a user’s trust, with the intention of later deceiving them for financial gain, extracting personal information, or engaging in other fraudulent activities.

It’s important for users to remain vigilant, verify the authenticity of other profiles, and exercise caution when sharing sensitive information or engaging in financial transactions.

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Below is a video of user chatting with a suspected OkCupid bot. The conversation takes a surprising turn you won’t want to miss. Now you should have a better idea of that to look out for.

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Ways to Tell a Like or Match on a Dating Platform Is from a Bot:

a) Generic or nonspecific messages: Bots often use generic, impersonal, or poorly worded messages that don’t directly relate to your profile or conversation.

b) Instant or immediate responses: Bots can reply instantly or with unusually fast response times, without considering the content of your message.

c) Lack of personalization: Bots may not address you by name or show awareness of specific details from your profile.

d) Inconsistent or irrelevant answers: Bots might provide unrelated or nonsensical responses to your questions or statements.

e) Repetitive patterns: Bots often repeat phrases or responses in a predictable manner.

f) Unusual or unrealistic profile photos: Bots may use stock images or pictures that appear overly polished or unrealistic.

g) Redirecting to external links: Bots may try to redirect you to external websites or ask for personal information quickly.


OkCupid as well as other dating sites does have bots. Some are user-generated and some are made by the app maker. Bots made by users are typically scammers. Bots made by OkCupid are usually harmless but still a waste of time.