Engaged for five years?

Engaged for Five Years?

Some couples may choose to wait to get married until they are financially stable, others may want to wait until they have graduated from school or established their careers, and some may simply want to take their time to plan the wedding and make sure that everything is perfect.

A five-year engagement is not considered out of the ordinary, and there are many factors that can contribute to a longer engagement. The length of an engagement can vary widely and it is not uncommon for some couples to be engaged for extended periods of time before getting married.

It’s also important to note that some couples may have a long engagement due to unforeseen circumstances such as financial difficulties, family issues, or personal challenges.

What it Means About the Relationship

As for whether or not a long engagement is a sign of a weak or strong relationship, it’s not possible to make a generalization. A long engagement could be a sign of a strong relationship if the couple is happy and committed to each other, and is using the time to plan for the future, build a solid foundation for their marriage, and grow as a couple.

On the other hand, a long engagement could be a sign of a weak relationship if the couple is not fully committed, or if they are unsure of their feelings towards each other.


Remember that every relationship is different, and what may be a good or bad thing for one couple, might not be the same for another. The most important thing is that the couple is happy and comfortable with their decision and that they have open and honest communication with each other.