Broken engagement

Broken Engagement (How & Why they Happen)

There are many reasons why some people might choose to break an engagement before getting married. Some common reasons include:

Lack of compatibility: Two people may realize that they have different goals, values, or lifestyles that make it difficult for them to build a successful future together.

Unresolved issues: Past emotional or psychological issues may come to light and make it difficult for a couple to move forward in their relationship.

Timing: Some people may break an engagement if they realize that they are not ready for the commitment of marriage at that time in their life.

Infidelity: Some people may break an engagement if they discover that their partner has been unfaithful, as this can raise serious doubts about the foundation and trust of a relationship.

Family pressure: Some people may break an engagement if they feel that family expectations or pressure is pushing them into a marriage they don’t want or aren’t ready for.

Pressure to conform: Some individuals may break engagement because they realize that they have different expectations and standards of the relationship or are not comfortable in the way that the relationship is going.

Financial concerns: If a couple discovers that they have incompatible financial goals or that their financial situation is not stable enough to support a marriage, they may choose to break the engagement.


It’s important to remember that when a relationship ends, it’s a difficult and emotional experience for all involved. It’s important to have open and honest communication, as well as patience, understanding, and respect for one another during this time. If a couple makes the decision to part ways, it’s best to do it in a peaceful way, in order to minimize the damage.