Who uses eHarmony

Who actually uses eHarmony?

There are over 33 million registered users on eHarmony. This does not necessarily mean they are all active. Some could also be fake accounts or bots. But, this number is still encouraging as there are likely millions of real people using the site.

The site’s users are primarily located in the United States, with a small percentage located in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. There are other sites that are better suited for users from other countries.

The majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 34, with a slightly smaller percentage of users aged 35-44. That’s not to say there are no users aged 18-24, there are just fewer of them.

eHarmony’s users are almost evenly split between male and female. This is pretty rare occurrence for dating sites. In fact, many places like clubs and bars struggle to maintain a good balances between the genders.

In conclusion, rest assured that eHarmony is alive and well with plenty of all different types of users. This means your chances of success are higher than with other sites. The only thing potentially stopping you is putting yourself out there.