what's the blue badge on bumble?

Blue Shield on Bumble Meaning & How to Get It

We’ve all seen it but maybe just ignored it. Sometimes there is a blue badge on bumble and sometimes not. In this post, I will explain what the Blue Badge on Bumble means. Now when you see a blue shield you will know why.

Why they Have Blue Badges or Shield on Bumble:

On Bumble, a verified profile is indicated by a blue checkmark badge located next to the user’s name. When viewing a profile or browsing through matches, you can look for this badge as a visual cue that the account has been verified by Bumble.

This helps users feel more confident in knowing that the person they are connecting with is indeed the real individual they claim to be.

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Verified Accounts on Bumble:

Bumble introduced verified accounts as a way to establish the authenticity and credibility of public figures, celebrities, brands, and notable individuals. Verification badges help users differentiate between genuine accounts and impersonators or fake profiles.

Verified accounts provide a level of trust and confidence to users, ensuring that they are engaging with legitimate and verified sources of information or content.

Why It’s Important to Be Wary of Unverified Accounts:

Unverified accounts on social media can pose risks such as identity theft, scams, or the spread of misinformation. Impersonators and fake accounts may deceive users by sharing misleading or harmful content, attempting to extract personal information, or engaging in malicious activities.

By being cautious of unverified accounts, users can protect themselves from potential online threats and ensure they are interacting with reliable sources.

Requirements to Get Verified:

  • Authenticity: The account must represent a real person, brand, or organization, rather than a fan page or tribute account.
  • Verification Documentation: Platforms often require submission of official identification documents, press mentions, or other relevant proof to establish the account’s authenticity.

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On the Bumble dating site, verification is a process that confirms the authenticity of a user’s profile. Bumble offers a “Verified” badge to indicate that the account has undergone verification and is not a fake or catfishing profile.

Verification on Bumble adds an extra layer of trust for users, making it more likely that they are engaging with genuine individuals.